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Curation Project

Adversity Curation Project

Youtube videos This is a video of a kid named David laid. In this video, he talks about the MRI results he just got back, and how he has to change his way of lifting in order for his back to heal. The reason I say this goes with adversity is that he doesn’t take this in a bad way like how most people would; he just talks about how he’s going to stay strong through this and lift as much as his body will allow, instead of some people who would hear this and just give up.–3-VgsE This video is on Calum von Moger, and his struggles getting back into lifting after 2 serious injuries. Calum was getting ready to start his bodybuilding career and right before one of his big shows, he tore his bicep which set him back nearly a year. Then soon after that, he went cliff climbing and the rope got messed up and he tore his knee and bicep again also nearly died. In this video, it talks about him getting back and still going for his goal. In this video it is on Conor Mcgregor and him tearing his ACL right before his first chance to win the UFC title. Even with this his ACL tear he decided to keep the fight on and ended up taking the title. This video is on a man who had mental health problems his whole life which was a great struggle growing up with. He ended up becoming one of the top guys in MMA proving that people with mental health issues still can become great athletes. This is the story of Robert Downey and his struggles early on in life. Before he was the movie star he was a drug addict who had gone to prison and was struggling in life until he decided to turn his life around with acting which paid off tremendously. 



On top of the world by imagine dragons – This song is saying that when you are down in life and wanting to give up, don’t get up and change your life for the better. This song is very inspirational and talks about battling the problems in your life.


Gonna fly now by bill Conti – This song is talking about how great comebacks are. It is also saying how you can make a comeback when you are down.

Warrior Demi Lovato – In this song, she talks about adversity in being in an abusive relationship and getting out of it. This is a very good song because this is such a hard thing for people in those relationships to get out.


The eye of the Tiger by Survivor – This is a great song when talking about adversity because in this song it talks about how people give up on people too fast. This song talks about how you can get back to where you were and prove those people wrong


Don’t stop thinking of tomorrow by Fleetwood mac – This song is talking about looking forward not backward. In this song, it is saying by doing this tomorrow will be better than the past.


Blog post

In this, I will be talking about the adversity I faced during my freshman year. To start off the year 2 weeks before the season started we had a scrimmage, and during the scrimidge I was blocking, and my knee buckled which ended up fracturing my femur. RIght when this happened I was barely able to walk, but I knew we didn’t have enough people to have anyone sub for me so I kept playing. By the end of the scrimadge my knee buckled 3 more times after the first time it happened. The next day I was struggling to put much weight on it and we decided to go to the doctor to get an MRI. 2 weeks later we found out my femur was fractured and I was on crutest for the whole season except for one game which was probably the best game I had ever had but little did I know that was the last game I was probably ever gonna play. 

A couple months after football season had ended I was running some routes for next year, and I did a sharp cut for a route and I felt a sharp pain in my knee the same leg as before. After practice my mom wanted to go walk around the mall. After about 30 minutes of walking in the mall I realized my knee was still hurting, and it had gotten a lot worse to the point I was in severe pain every step I took. Again we went to the doctor, and got an MRI. Same as before 2 weeks later we got the results. This time I found out the cartilage in my knee was destroyed, and I would need to have surgery. After I got the surgery the average full recovery time was 6 weeks, but you can start lifting and running at around 2 weeks. The doctor told me after the initial 2 weeks that I could push my knee as hard as I wanted and it would be fine, but I don’t think he expected me to push it as hard as I did. In the next 4 weeks I lifted 2 hours a day and then would come home and do 2 hours of agility work. By the 6th week I was back lifting more than I was before, and I beat my old 40 yard dash time by .3 seconds. I was feeling the best I had ever felt, then it all changed in my lifetime fitness class. I was playing basketball in the class, and  I jumped up to catch the ball, came down, and tore my patellar tendon. I was barely able to walk at first. I couldn’t even move my leg hardly without the worst pain I had ever felt shooting through my leg. I was rushed to Lincoln Orthopedic where I found out that I had torn the tendon and I would be on crutches basically the rest of my freshman year.

 After the surgery I had given up on my football career which was a huge thing for me ever since pre school, but I decided to continue with lifting. I started lifting at the end of 8th grade and it has become my life ever since then so much that I almost didn’t play football freshman year so I could focus on lifting, but I decided to play which I know now was the wrong decision. I remember the second day after my surgery I got back to lifting. I wasn’t even able to move my leg but I layed on the ground and lifted as hard as I possibly could. After 2 weeks I was already going back to the gym, and I lifted harder than I had ever lifted before. My parents along with the people in the gym probably thought I was crazy for going to the gym on crutches, but what they didn’t understand is when I was in the gym it was the only time I was happy, I felt like I was unstoppable when I was there. I remember every workout I did, I wouldn’t stop until every muscle group I could work on was completely exhausted. There were many times when I wasn’t able to walk with my crutches because my arms were so tired I had to just sit for a couple minutes before I could  get up. 

When I was finally able to get off crutches and the second day I remember measuring my leg and it was 18 inches around (it was 25 inches before the injury) when I saw that my heart dropped, and I became so determined to get back to where I was before. That day I started squatting. I knew I wasn’t supposed for at least 4 more months, but I did anyway. I remember that day like it was yesterday, I was at the racket club and I went straight to the squat rack, and squated till I was in tears not from pain but from how intense I was training. In the first 2 weeks of squatting I was already squatting more than 90% of my friends. About A week later I went to the doctor for a check up and was asking him about squatting and he told me not even to mess with it for a long time and how it could have major effects in my healing process. After hearing that I stopped squatting, I still continued to lift just my upper body though like previously.

4 months later in the end of July I was finally allowed to squat and deadlift. From this point on I went crazy with the weights. I remember hearing about highschool powerlifting, and I was talking about it with some people and they told me there was no point in me trying to do powerlifting since I was barely able to lift anything after my long recovery. After hearing that I switched from training for bodybuilding to powerlifting. From the end of july to december I progressed faster than anyone could have imagined. People at the gym were in shock how fast I was gaining strength. I passed most of them in the first 3 months of my lifting and by December I placed 4th of 20 people all of whom were seniors except me, a sophomore. In this meet I proved everyone wrong and came within 20 pounds of breaking the state highschool deadlift record with only 4 months of training while battling a lot of knee pain.


Movie Review – Calum Von Moger Unbroken

This movie is about an up and coming bodybuilder Calum Von Moger. What this movie is talking about directly on is the injuries he has faced that have set him back a couple years in his career. Before we get into his injuries in the movie it talks about how he got to where he was in the fitness industry. How he first got noticed was him and a few of his friends made a motivational fitness video on youtube that blew up. After that video he made blew up he got noticed by some top people in the industry and was flown out to the US to join supplement and clothing companies. He gained a massive following on instagram and youtube which got him on a bunch of magazines, and he even got a role starring in the movie bigger as Arnold schwarzenegger. Something that is really neat about all this is that along with being Arnold in this movie his experience getting popular is similar to Arnold. Arnold got known in Austria for being the best bodybuilder there and was flown out to the US for multiple sponsorships. He became one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time along with becoming a movie star which is just really crazy to think how similar these two are. After all this happened calum started focusing on not just being a big influencer, but also an impressive bodybuilder. The year Calum was going to try and get his Pro IFBB Card he was doing a 405 bicep curl challenge with the Classic olympia winner Chris bumpstead which he ended up tearing his bicep doing. This caused him to lose most of the size on the arm he injured. After being in a cast and alot of physical therapy he was finally able to start lifting with it again. He was just starting to get the size back on his arm when a horrible accident happened again. He was cliff climbing and on the way down the cliff the rope got messed up, and twisted around his knee tearing his patellar tendon. He also tore his bicep again when doing this because he grabbed the rope with his bad arm when he began to fall. Before all these injuries calum had one of the best classic physiques in the world, and after these injuries happened he looked like a normal gym lifter because he was barely able to do anything at all for around a year. When all this happened as he says in the movie he was broken. When the injury happened he was probably 8% body fat, and afterwards he was around 12% along with losing over 50lbs of muscle with gaining fat. Finally he was able to start walking again and doing some light lifting, but then another problem struck him which was the wildfires in california nearly destroying his house which was just another devastating thing that happened. Even with all this happening calum never lost sight of his goals he was determined to get back even bigger than before, and guaranteed that he would become mr.olympia in the future. Doctors were saying that it would take possibly over a year for him to even get close to what he looked like before all the injuries once he recovered. Once Calum was able to start lifting again he trained on another level than anyone could imagine. Within months he was back bigger than before, along with him being more shredded. Calums injured leg is still lagging behind his good leg, but it will probably always be slightly smaller than his good leg because he had part of his thigh muscle put in his knee in the surgery to fix it. In this movie it just shows how much fight he has in him most people wouldn’t even ever be able to get back into lifting the same ever, but he got back up and proved to everyone what kind of lifter he truly is which is crazy with all the struggles he faced. This is one of my all time favorite movies because it reminds me so much of what happend with me. I was unable to lift with my knee injuries for over a year. The doctors told me best case scenario it would take over a year to get my leg even close to what it was before. Within 4 months of finally being able to lift I got my leg over an inch bigger than it was when I injured it. Just like how people told calum his bodybuilding dreams were over, people said I would never place in the top 10 in any highschool powerlifting meet and 4 months later I became the second strongest highschool deadlifter in state as a sophomore. Just like how calum people are now expecting him to be a possible Mr. Olympia winner in the future.


Journal entries

1st This was about Erick. He had very bad eyesight but his mom did not want him to go to a blind school so she sent him to a normal school, but his eyes got even worse making him even worse. 

2nd Journal

Adversities: Going completely blind yet still he becomes a great wrestler then his mom dies and he has to go on after that which would be very hard in his situation.


Discussion starter: The book is very emotional and it’s sad he’s struggling with the cane.


Word watcher: Yearning – to beg deep


3rd Journal

Discussion Starter:



  • For my adversity it is getting over his girlfriend leaving him and starting moving on talking to another girl.
  • He can pop his fake eye out. The adversity for this is that he can’t see what the person he likes looks like. It would be hard for both of them to get to know each other because they are both blind. 


Word Watcher:

  •  Dramatize- exaggerate the seriousness or importance of
  • ingenuity- the quality of being clever, original, and inventive


4th Journal

Adversity- The adversity in this part of the book is him being blind and still wanting climbing the mountain.


He has heart problems while climbing up mount mckinley and has to go back down the mountain 


Adversity for the chapter we just read would be Ryan and Jeff climbing Mt. McKinely. But the adversity for Ryan would be going back down the hill because he has heart issues. 


Word Watcher: 

  • Crampon: Metal spikes attached to the bottom of shoes to help you from not slipping 


5th Journal

Adversity – I would say him climbing the mountain as good as he did was really showing adversity most people who aren’t blind could not climb it like him.