Outlive Your Life Final

Outlive Your Life Final

By Sam Wenger, this assignment was to get us to make our lives our live us buy doing things for others and for God. Religion 8 10/15/17

Chapter 1 & Chapter 2

Chapter 1

I think the theme for chapter 1 is that showing us what we could do to make our lives live on even after we are gone. You can see how it says on page 8 “you jive spread out before me a chance to make a difference for you in a desperately hurting world.
The authors main points have been that there are way more so called christians in the United States that orphans and that we should help them and give them a home this goes with the theme because when you are gone people that you helped will remember you and you could influence other people into helping someone to.
This is an idea that stood out to me that there are 145 million orphans worldwide and nearly 236 million Christian’s just in the United States and if 6 percent helped that would be 14.1 million children helped. I think that the authors go was to make us realize something so simple as giving money to help someone will illnesses can make a huge difference in someone’s life i think that he has accomplished that goal to make people realize what they can do to help.

Chapter 2

I think that the theme of chapter 2 is that we are a witness to him and that we shall spread his word. I get this theme from the Quote from page 12 “you will be my witness in Jerusalem, and all of judea and samaria, and to the ends of the earth.
I think that his main points are that we should be a witness for him no matter who we are that God uses famous people to a hillbillies no matter who you are God can use you, This relates to the theme of us being a witness. This quote from page 12 “you hillbillies will be my witnesses. You uneducated and simple folk will be my witness”. This was the idea he was trying to push i think it tells everyone that God needs them just as much as anyone else. I think the authors Goal was to make sure everyone new that they are needed to share God’s word just as much as anyone. Dear God thank you for letting us have the be able to spread your word and please help people who have a hard time with it not be scared or thinking that they cant do it. Give them the strength to overcome fear and share your word. Also help people to help with orphans m0re and relize what there going through in your name we prey amen.


Chapter 3

I think that the theme of this was that we should get out of our shell and help people for Christ. I think that this is the theme of the chapter because like how it says when a homeless person appears with a cardboard sign, I just close the lid. This is talking about how we as humans feel that we do not need to help in those situations and that they will just go away If we act like we don’t see what is happening. The authors main points were that we should stay out of our shell and face the situation and help people in need for him. Let God unshell you and when he does make a careful explanation of who you are and the work you have been given and then sink yourself into that. This is saying that we should get out of our shell and look closely to see what we can do to help. I think that the authors Goal of this chapter was to get us to stop hiding from situations that are uncomfortable and help others i think that he has accomplish this goal and will help me to not hide next time I am in this situation. Dear God thank you for all of the wonderful things you have given pleas help us all to get away from our shell our safe space where we cant help you or share your word to others and turn more people toward you and away from worldly sin in your name we prey Amen.



I think the theme of this chapter was realizing what are mistakes are like how they killed Jesus like on page 37 it says people Began to realize their mistake. They realized how God came into their world and they killed him. I think the author’s main points are that we make huge mistakes and sometimes don’t even notice till people point it out to us. Like how the people didn’t even know that killing Jesus was a mistake till it was pointed out to them. No one spoke because no one had the bod. The word was out that the word was out. That implied the idea that no one was protesting because they all knew that they had made a big mistake because everyone knew that Jesus rose from the dead. I think that the authors main reason for writing this was to show us that we will miss mistakes that we do that are huge sometimes and I think that he seceded his goal because I’m going to be looking for mistakes I make like that in the future. Dear God thank your for being the loving forgiving father you are and for being there for us when things arent looking good. Please forgive us for not always doing the right thing or ignoring you and you word even when we are doing wrong in your name we prey amen.


I think that in this book it explains what is it actually saying in terms that we would understand today unlike how they said things back in the Bible’s time. I don’t think it says any new things that the book of acts didn’t already say I just think that it’s explaining it better to us and connecting it to our everyday lives like the one about us like on chapter 4 it said what an example in the Bible was and then gave us the same thing but related it back to our live today to let us better understand it. So in my opinion the book isn’t saying any new information it’s just saying the same stuff but letting us understand it better and relating it to our lives.

I think that i have outlived my life before this book because I have done things at Messiah like shoe boxes and stuff like that where people will know that you have sent those and also when I went to dare to share both years I went towards the end and shared the word with people at there houses and on the street we would go up to their house and then ring the doorbell and then talk to them about Christ and what are goal was to do with them about turning them to Christ and a few people we talked to were already Christian and were surprised on how much we knew about God. I think that threw this book it makes you see how much we could outlive our lives and how much we really instead just ignore it and don’t think or we are scared to do anything.

I think that the things that I have done in me that I had felt the holy spirit working through me was when i was at dare to share and when we were talking to the people about Christ. When I think of that on some days I think that it was incredible for me not to be scared because I just couldn’t picture myself doing that sometimes it just seems so scary that’s why I know that the Holy Spirit was working through me I could tell that when I did it I wasn’t afraid of what people might think or if I get rejected by them and they don’t like what I have to say about God I just was focused on making them believe in Jesus and I wasn’t even thinking about anyone saying no to us or thinking that Christianity is bad.

I think that acts 9:29 Is a verse that goes with this chapter because it says. And he’s puke and disputed against the Hellenistic but they were seeking to kill him. I think that this verse is good with outlive your life because he could have just turned away from god and went back to being powerful feared Saul but he didn’t go into his shell when his life was on the line he just kept on preaching and being Paul. My other verse is acts 5:8 And Peter said to her tell me whether you sold the land one so much and she said yes for so much. This was a verse that shows us how we should not test the Holy Spirit and not lie to it like Ananias and Sapphira did about the land to Peter.

I think watching it helped make me realize what was actually happening I’m my head I can’t think of pictures as well as when i really do see them i thought that the scene in the movie when they were in the synagogue and were talking to the decibels about speaking and doing things under God’s name was cool because I never really saw a picture in my head of that before. The Ananias was also allot clear on how peter and them were talking and in my head i just thought that when they died it was just like instantly they died and fell over but in the showed what it probably looked like. Another one was the magician in the show it showed how he talked and acted I couldn’t really picture that in my head before I saw it