Samuel Wenger

Mr. Kristalyn

English 08


Paintball day

By Sam Wenger

When my brother Jacob and I were watching military shows, we became interested in the military and how they did there ops. We already owned paintball weapons and were really good at making a game out of shooting each other. Jacob and I started playing paintball games everyday and he would beat me more more but every once in awhile I would shoot him back.

On Friday Jacob and I packed up everything so we were ready to use on Saturday. We jumped in the car and rushed to Sheels because we were so excited about getting our supplies. We bought six Co2 Tanks. Just to make sure that we wouldn’t run out of paintballs we bought another two big boxes that were pro level because my brother prefers them over the others. We check out and leave the store carrying three CO2 tanks each. We are caring one big box of paintballs each and I was complaining because it was too heavy. I didn’t think I could Carry them down the rough looking steps on outside of the store, but my brother said in a voice filled with irritation,

“Carry it you weakling.”

Even though at the time I’m 10 and he’s 17. So Saturday came and I was lying in bed, it was a little before 8:00 a.m. and my brother bolts into the room and yanks the sheets off my bed and I said to him,

“Why are you waking me up so early it’s Saturday.”

but then he said

“Navy seals are always ready at any time to wake up.”

Which reminded me of the military we’ve been learning about, so I tiredly creeped out of bed. Next My brother made his favorite thing to eat pancakes and that took forever for him to eat them, so I could have slept in for about an hour more.

We finally were getting ready to go my brother had his gun and his electric hopper which was a little unfair but I decided I was fine with it.  As we were walking down to our creek I did test fire and I shot the plug out of the gun, which made the paintball blow up into the barrel and my brother says

“Are you stupid?!”

And then I ran into our house and tried my best to clean it. Finally we get all the way out to the field and my brother realizes that he doesn’t have an O ring then I mock him in the same tone he used and said,

“Are you stupid?!”

Which I thought was pretty funny. My brother ran up to the house and I waited for him to come back.

We finally started, I stay by the big oak tree that looked like it could touch the clouds. My brother went to the other side of the brush so that we can’t see each other. We signal to start by shooting a colorful bullet into the air and my brother yelled


And we start. As I am rushing through the long, uncut wild grass my heart is pounding and I’m breathing uncontrollably just knowing that I could get shot at any time. As I am scouting through the trees, grass ,and creak I making sure that he doesn’t make his way through the creak and up the dirt wall behind me. As I am rushing through the trees I see my brother crawling and he spots me as well, we stop for what seemed like five Minutes was really only about five seconds because I was so nervous, and then I shot at him.  I was shooting all around but the breaking brown dead tree branches kept braking all around him. Finally I hit him like 3 times but the paintball’s aren’t breaking and I yelled,

“Have any of them broke,”

All of a sudden he shot me but it also didn’t break and he yells

“No and I’ve got shot five times,”

And before you know it I got shot Three times and they all break and then I yell


And I lost all three of my lives right there that was the end of the the first Game.We play about seven more games and then go inside.

When I’m getting all of my paintball clothes away my brother says

“I’m having four or people over for night paintball so don’t put your clothes away,”.

I am excited and kind of scared because I’m a 5th grader going up against juniors and seniors in high school. As I’m getting ready for bed I fall asleep then about midnight Jacob wakes me up and says

“What are you doing it paintball time,”

I said, “It’s called sleeping its what normal people do,”

But then I got up and got ready.

When we get out there I’m on my brother’s friends team and of course I’m against Jacob because he wants to shoot me. As I am going through the grass I am in the open but it was pitch black so I thought it would be fine but right as I duck down my brother snipes me right on the arm and I’m out. Next game I am a little more cautious I go into the deep grass and then I see someone who is trying to army crawl down the ditch and is covered by the grass but I just started shooting and I got him and then he yelled


In a strange voice like he’s disgusted. Then I realize he’s spitting out of his mask because I shot him right in the mouth and then I realized it was my brother, and afterwards he still thought that he could taste the paint in his mouth my brothers friends and I were laughing because it was pretty funny. We did about three or four more games then went inside. I was tired and ready to go to bed but it hurt to roll on my side because I had so many welts from being shot finally I was able to fall  asleep.

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