1st Semester World History Artifacts

1st Semester World History Artifacts

River Valley Civilization Persuasive essay


What is the best river civilization? Some may say Egypt with the pyramids, maybe Mesopotamia with the ziggurat, or India with their mathematics but personally I think it’s china. I believe China is the best because they were the most advanced in medicine, they were the first people to make paper, and they Invented the compass. 

The number one reason that I think that China is the best because of medical achievements. I think that this is very important today because in the ancient river civilizations they knew about what herbs to take that will help with certain illnesses. I think that is a pretty big deal because we still use many herbs to help with certain illnesses today and they figured that out very early on. The second biggest achievement for me was paper. Inventing the compass. I thought was a big achievement because it was and still is one of the most important things to have when traveling. I think the compass is possible the biggest achievement they had because this allowed people to be able to navigate so much easier when traveling.

Other than China Other civilizations have had big achievements to but I don’t believe they are as good as China. A big achievement from Egypt was the calendar. The calendar was a big achievement because this means they calculated the star patterns in order to figure it out. Another achievement was mesopotamia with building the wheel. This was big because it made traveling and moving things much easier and faster. For India one of their greatest achievements is their sanitation systems. This was a very big accomplishment because it kept them clean and helped them have less diseases. 

So clearly China is the answer to the question what is the best river civilization because of the advancements in medical areas, inventing paper, and making traveling much easier.


Book Report

Title of Book: The Reaper

The genre of Literature (historical fiction or nonfiction):

Author: Nicholas Irving

Publisher:St. Martin’s Press

Copyright Date:January 26, 2016


Number of pages (150-page minimum): 320

Setting(s): Afghanistan and Texas 

Main Characters – Name and give a brief description of 3-5:

Nick and Pemberton

The Reaper

In this book, it is a story about Nicholas Irving and about his training and what it was like in war. This book starts talking about how he has raised in military camp kinda thing in Texas because his dad was in the army too. It talks about how he wasn’t pressured into joining the army he was just very interested in it. For example, when he was going through training he had very flat feet which should have not allowed him to join the army but he snuck passed the test by trying to arch his feet. But because of his flat feet, he got major shin splints and had to go to physical therapy about every day to fix them. After that, he got through training with some other tough setbacks but then he finally starts talking about his deployment and how it is supposed to be a very boring deployment with nothing happening ever there but little does he know he gets more action than he could have imagined. Then the rest of the book is basically talking about his missions and the close calls he had.

The book is told from the first person. This helps make the story more interesting to me because he tells us what was going through his head throughout the story.  

I would say that when he got into training by faking his way through the test to see if he was flat-footed. I say that is the most important part because if he wouldn’t have passed


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