News paper article

News paper article


TITLE: Catch Me If You can
Series: First and only
Author: Frank W. Abagnale
Genre: Historical fiction
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap
Release date: 1980
Format: digital
Pages: 253


A True Story of a Real Fake
America’s Newest Con Man in the USA 1963

By Sam Wenger

In this past week, we have been introduced to a new thief in America. This thief is a brilliant con man, who has been using fake checks all throughout New York. So far the police do not know who he is but hopefully they will find out soon. He is definitely one of the best cons already as he has done this multiple times and has never gotten caught yet.


This con man has been traveling across the country using all the airlines except for Pan Am. We do not know how he has been sneaking onto the planes with no one knowing. In addition, he has been forging checks and getting away with large sums of money. This criminal is definitely a mastermind.

The FBI has been investigating and has gotten very close to catching him. He has been all over the country, always a step ahead of law enforcement. FBI investigators says “ We have a suspect and are aggressively pursuing him.”

The alleged thief is Frank W. Abagnale who ran away close to the same time this started happening. Also we have found out that before he left he pulled a con on his dad with a 3,400 dollar bill. “He definitely is one of the best con men ever,” claims the lead FBI investigator. “This is one of the smartest criminals yet. .He is still just a kid, and we will catch him.”

We have not seen Frank for a while, and people are wondering where he is. While the FBI is not positive, but they think he may have left the country. The FBI has been asking country’s to be on alert for this criminal.

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