Hidden figure at the skatepark

By Sam Wenger
Around halloween pete and a bunch of other people were hanging out with each other telling scary stories, and Pete was the only one that wasn’t from Nebraska originally he moved from California to UNL. It was his turn to tell the story he said earlier that he wanted to be last because he had the best and scariest one. Pete was saying how this thing had injured 10 kids by the end of his terror.

As Pete started to talk about his story the kids were all excited to hear it. “This all happened at my local skatepark. One day after school a bunch of us skating to the skatepark like we always do. This was our favorite skate park it was the best. We all started a game to see who could get the best trick down the stairs. A. few people went and it was time for Willy to go, and as he was speeding up to the stairs he goes flying down the stairs and lands on his arm. We all rushed down to help see if he was alright. We asked him if he hit a rock but there weren’t any rocks around and nobody else hit one. After that everybody went home for the day, While Willy thinks he broke his arm.

The next day we go back to the skatepark after school and it turned out Willy did break his arm as we get to the skatepark and the whole park was covered in Little Rock’s. We didn’t know what was going on or who did this. Then we se e a guy hiding behind a tree but he looked weird like a shadow almost. As we rushed up to him to ask if he did it or if he saw anything he goes behind the tree and we look and nobody was there he had vanished. We were all really freaked out about this then I look at the skatepark and all of the rocks were gone.

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